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    Relaciones Internacionales y Cambio Climático: Una perspectiva de investigación y educación
          Relaciones Internacionales y Cambio Climático: una perspectiva de investigación y educación   Mª del Pilar Sánchez Millas (Facultad de Geografía e Historia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Mª José Pérez del Pozo (Facultad de Ciencias de la Información,  Universidad Complutense de Madrid)     1. Introducción             El cambio climático es, junto con la pandemia pro…
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    Higher education in climate change: CTwoSEAS project
    NATIONAL CONGRESS OF COMMUNICATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE   Ecocommunication for citizens © EDITORIAL FRAGUA C / Andrés Mellado, 64. 28015-MADRID TEL. 915-491-806 / 915-442-297 E-mail: ISBN: 978-84-7074-905-6 (pdf)   Elena González-Burgos (Faculty of Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid) Francisco J. García Tartera (Faculty of Education, Complutense University of Madrid)   Link to the presentation Lin…
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    Climate Change Primer
    What is Climate Change? Climate change refers to significant, long-term changes in the global climate. The global climate is the connected system of sun, earth and oceans, wind, rain and snow, forests, deserts and savannas, and everything people do, too. The climate of a place, say New York, can be described as its rainfall, changing temperatures during the year and so on. But the global climate is more than the “average” of the climates of specific places. https://war…